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2019 S/S Color Trend for Kidswear -- The Power of Walking

تاریخ انتشار پست : 1397/4/11 بازدید : 21

The Power of Walking

With people's yearning for healthy lifestyle are increasingly strong, outdoor sport emerges as a new theme of the times. Sharp colors bring strong visual and sensory impact, the delicate details reflect designers' high pursuit of quality. Bright colors become our body armor and give us power.


Key Colors

Key Color 1 -- Cool Orange

Like orange popsicle just taken out from the freezer, Translucent Orange symbolizes summer vibe and brings freshness and energy for people.

Cool Orange -- Matching Looks

Key Color 2 -- Porcelain Blue

Porcelain Blue is more purplish-gray compared with Navy Blue, it is mysterious,misty, profound and sedate like the deep sea.

Porcelain Blue -- Matching Looks

Color Scheme I

Dominated by Cool Orange and paired with Wasabi Green and Maize Yellow, injecting an effortlessly summary freshness.

Color Scheme I -- Matching Looks

Color Scheme II

Purplish Rose Red represents happiness and joy , it works perfectly with pure Blue and Wasabi Green.

Matching Look II -- Matching Looks

Color Proportion III

The similarly sedate Spruce Green and Porcelain Blue combine with bright Maize Yellow and Blue to add brightness and create a striking look.

Color Scheme III -- Matching Look

Color Scheme IV

Fresh Cool Orange and calm Porcelain Blue also work well,the moderate contrast color brings wonderful rhythm, Rose Red and Maize Yellow are good choices to complement the palette.

Color Scheme IV -- Matching Looks

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